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Our Secure Server

Our servers contains the latest encryption technology available for Apache. If you want to install your own secure domain you need to do is purchase a secure certificate and we will install it for you. There are several options now for purchaseing our own secure certificate ranging from $199-$1400. For those who don't want to spend that much money on their own certificate, we have set up a less costly alternative. We have a special SECURE domain that any of our clients can use:

This domain already has a fully functioning secure certificate on it. For a small monthly fee we can set up an area for you to install any pages you wish to have a secure connection. If you plan to ask any of your site visitors to give you any information they may feel needs to be kept strictly confidential it will be crucial to provide them with a secure connection.

In addition, our special domain provides you with a relevant URL that will contain your primary domain name so it will appear as if a visitor is simply in the secure section of your site.

So for a fraction of what a certificate will cost you, you can have a secure connection integrated into your web site.

  • Setup fee $19.95
  • Monthly usage fee $9.95 (This amount will cover up to three separate pages. Additional pages can be added at $4.25 a page)

  • Setup fee to install your certificate $39.95
  • Monthly usage fee $12.95 (to cover increased load on the server when it encrypts the data)

NOTE: Anyone who installs our deluxe internet store will receive the secure server connection at no additional charge.

    Our servers are
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