Ecommerce with Cubecart

I have tried just about every major shopping cart system out there and none of them are perfect.  They all have shortcomings simply because it’s impossible to design a system that is going to handle every possible situation.  If you want something affordable (preferably free right?) then you have to pick from what’s on the shelf.  If you have big bucks you can hire a team to customize to your heart’s content.

From my experience, most businesses don’t need an online store system to do anything but basic functions.  Of all the systems out there Cubecart has become one of the absolute best.  It’s been around a long time and is updated regularly with new features.  One of the things that is a major flaw in most systems is their inability to easily update them.  Most of them make you do it manually which almost always causes problems.  Cubecart works seamlessly with my server software to make updates very simple AND AUTOMATIC.

What is CubeCart?

Whether you are a retailer looking for an online store or a webmaster seeking an e-commerce solution for a client… CubeCart is a powerful free e-commerce solution enabling thousands of merchants globally to sell digital or physical products online.

Why use CubeCart?

Open source and 100% free.

Trusted by tens of thousands of merchants and developers globally.

Strong track record for stability & security.

Easy to set up and intuitive to use.

Actively developed on a daily basis.

Backed by a profitable UK registered company which has been established over twelve years.

Easy to extend and upgrade.

Backed by a thriving forum community.

Supported by very experienced support staff.

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