Website Examples

Here are a few web site created by element3

Conventional Static Page Web Site

Conventional websites are created with a number of fixed pages that are made individually.  For many, this is still a perfectly fine way to create a website.  But, as you’ll see below, the trend is to use systems that create pages dynamically using applications like WordPress.  These web site pages are created on-the-fly from information stored in a database.

Some Clients don’t require a website to do more than providing them a professional looking presence on the web and to give potential customers a look at the kind of work they do.  David Fen is one such client who just needed a very basic website to display his fine woodworking skills.

David M. Fen Woodworking

Here are a few other examples of static websites that are a bit more complex.


The Harbour Pub

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Many clients need much more than a basic website which is why there has been a proliferation of Content Management Systems, many of them free and open source.  A CMS website is a dynamic website that is “database-driven.”  What this means is each page is built out of information stored in a database.

One of my favorites has always been Geeklog Fusion.  It has a lot of functionality right out of the box such as file management, a forum, image sliders and much much more.  One of the best things about it is the way it allows you to organize a large amount of information in a way that’s very easy to find.  Has a great search feature as well.  Both of the following websites were created by element3 and are managed by element3.

The Kick Them All Out Project

WordPress Websites

WordPress is another very popular CMS system.   The website you’re looking at right now, the element3 website is a WordPress site.

One of the most popular things about WordPress is the astounding number of templates and plug-ins that are available to allow you to easily modify the look and feel of your site and to enhance the functionality.

Lady Eagle Safetywear

Kitsap Right To Farm

Here are a few other examples of a client website that use WordPress.  Element3 didn’t create these websites but element3 provides their hosting and email services.